Career Advice – Are You Packaged For Career Success?

Like it or not, the personal package you present to the world–your dress, your demeanor, the appearance of your workplace, even your personal hygiene–is a critical factor in determining your career success.

This fact of life, encountered at every step along your career path, is more important than ever in a troubled economy.

Dress To Achieve Your Career Goals

A survey by Robert Half International’s Office Team Division, shows 93 percent of executives believe a worker’s style of dress influences his or her chances of getting a promotion.

This means dressing according to the prevailing style among one’s co-workers and the environment in which your employer or potential employer operates. There may not be an “official dress code,” but you can bet there is an “unofficial one”. Observe it and be guided accordingly. Ignore it and jeopardize your chances for gaining the career rewards you desire.

If the style is business attire, don’t buck the system and show up in jeans and running shoes. The reverse is true. If the style is casual, go for it; but don’t wear flip-flops, ragged jeans and an outrageous T-shirt.

Steve Jobs can get by wearing a pair of jeans, sans belt, and a turtleneck sweater for all occasions, but chances are you can’t.

Don’t go overboard with accessories. Get rid of body piercings other than modest earrings for women only. Camouflage tattoos. Go with a hairstyle that is appropriate to the work environment. A Mohawk might be acceptable in a creative boutique, but it won’t fly in a firm specializing in corporate law.

Clothes should be pressed, free of lint, with all buttons in place. Shoes should be shined; no run-down heels.

Mind Your Manners On Your Career Path

Treat everyone from the mail room to the corner office with the respect and dignity they deserve. Good morning, thank you, please and good night are always in order. Be polite, friendly and helpful. Treat others as you want to be treated.

Avoid nasty, sexist, profane language. Avoid destructive gossip and criticism.

Be aware that your table manners telegraph a strong message about you whether you are eating in the employee lunchroom, at your desk or at an up-scale restaurant with your boss.

Clean Up Your Workplace

Nothing says more about you than the state of your workplace. Keep it neat and well organized so that it facilitates your work and communicates that you are all about business. Keep personal things to a minimum. You want to project the idea that you are serious about your job, but that you have a well-rounded life.

Mind Your Personal Hygiene

Shower or bathe regularly. Use perfume or cologne sparingly or not at all. Less is more with makeup. Make sure your hair is well groomed; and that nails and hands are always clean.

That’s The Way It Is On The Career Path

You may feel this career advice is intruding your personal turf. By the way, a survey showed that a mere 4 percent of Gen Y workers want to wear business attire. That’s okay. It’s your choice, but be mindful of the fact that it reflects the reality of what it takes to get a job and hold it in today’s environment.

Top 5 Myths About K 12 Online Schooling Busted! And It’s About Time

Top 5 Myths about K 12 Online Schooling Busted! And It’s About Time

Most parents are averse to the concept of homeschooling as they speak to the wrong people with the wrong perception. We are inherently afraid of change and anything new instills the fear of the unknown in us. It is easier to decline change entirely rather than taking a moment and considering the alternatives. Although virtual homeschooling has been around for quite some time now, there are parents who cannot look beyond the traditional school system.
K 12 Online Schooling can give you more than you can ever ask for. Your child will grow up learning your values. They will always be around you. They get to learn family morals, the siblings will grow up together and the family bond will keep growing. You will have greater influence over their behaviour, and there life choices.
But there are myths that go around that at times aim to supersede these advantages. The misconceptions create doubt and parents fail to enjoy the rewards that K 12 Online Schooling brings to a family. To help you avoid the misguided crowd and rise above. Here is a list of the top 5 K 12 Online Schooling myths that make the rounds. It’s about time that you know the truth about virtual homeschooling.
1. Parents can never teach like professional teachers
This is the most common myth about digital schooling. Barbara Bush’s famous quote: “The home is the child’s first school, the parent is the child’s first teacher, and reading is the child’s first subject.” Clearly explains that no other person in the world can teach your child better than you. Parents are natural teachers and we know what our child wants to learn. We taught them to speak, we taught them to walk, why can’t we teach them academics?
Plus, we will keep a tab on what our child learns. We will move ahead at our child’s pace. Do you think it is possible for a teacher with 20 odd students to provide individual attention to every child?
2. Homeschools cannot replicate a classroom
Of course, you can’t bring in benches and pack 30 students into a single room, but isn’t that an advantage for the learner? Not everyone can perform well in a routine and learning gets limited to whatever is taught. What if your child was finally finding a topic interesting and the bell rings? How long will it take to bring the interest back again?
With K 12 Online Schooling, you can continue with a topic as long as you want. Plus, there is no burden of assignments, no distraction or any undue pressure of deadlines.
3. Your child doesn’t learn social skills
Well, school is not the only place where your children can socialize. If the homeschooler indulges in extracurricular activities like taking music lessons, going to the park to play or enrolling some hobby classes. They can make friends at these places and socialise with ease. Children can also meet their peers at neighborhood parks, weekend gateways or even at the Mall.
Homeschoolers often tend to seek other homeschool families, in doing so they can help the children create a bond of friendship and camaraderie. Homeschoolers can also develop their social skills by interacting with their peers in the digital world. Many children have take benefit from online communities and forums that are dedicatedly designed for homeschool students.
4. Children do not learn all the necessary subjects
You must define “necessary” before believing this myth. Will you consider economics necessary for a child who wants to be a painter? Or will you force science and mathematics to an author in the making? Traditional schools have the same curriculum for all its students without considering the child’s aptitude and interest. Not that it’s their fault, they simply do not have the option to customise.
But you definitely do. In virtual homeschooling, you can design your child’s curriculum to fit his/her interests. Use the rest of the time to let them learn what they want and let them grow in their way. Give science to a scientist and literature to an author, not the other way around. Your child surely learns all the necessary subjects.
5. ‘Overprotective parents’ opt for digital schooling
To bust this myth, I’d simply say ‘SMART PARENTS’ opt for homeschooling. Parents who want to spend more time with their children and who want to ditch the cookie cutter learning approach opt for digital schooling. The concept gives your family freedom, both academic and social manner. You will not have to cancel on a gathering just because of exams or reschedule a dinner because of an assignment.
Almost 3 percent of all American children are homeschooled and they are faring very well in the outside world. It goes without saying that the parents of all 1.5 million kids worldwide cannot be labeled as overprotective. Choosing a schooling system that allows you more time with the child does not make you overprotective, it simply means that you value your time.
K 12 Online Schooling is the way to go!
In the digital schooling system everything is similar to traditional schooling, only better and with added advantages of freedom, flexibility and fun. This eccentric learning environment can prove to be a positive change for your family but you can never know for sure if you haven’t give homeschooling a try. Homeschooling is the future and be a part of it now!